5 Tips for Students Launching Their Own Business

As a young entrepreneur and student, getting the ball rolling on your big project can sometimes seem like the hardest part, especially while still in school. Hub101 asked Richard Poutier, owner and operator of an app developing company, and John Ikudaisi & Alexis Schomer, founders of 360 Corporate Wellness, for advice on how to start creating your own business.

Here are five tips on how to launch your own business while still in school.

1. Plan

It’s very important to plan out entirely what your goals are and the steps you’re going to take to achieve them. Start with flushing out all of your ideas and find the ones that make sense to start making a business plan you can refer to and stick to.

“Failing to prepare is preparing to fail.” - John Wooden

2. Think Long Term

It’s easy to take the first job you are offered straight out of school, but if you have a big dream of establishing your own business, sometimes the big job offer doesn’t work out with that plan. You could be stuck at a company for years without making any progress on your personal business plan. If it means freelancing your skills and working with a small set of clients for a few years while you get your bearings, so be it. That being said, nothing happens overnight, so take your time on creating your masterpiece.


3. Surround Yourself With People Who Have Similar Goals

If you’re working toward a certain goal, it would only make sense that you work in a productive, progressive environment. Surround yourself with positive and supportive people who have similar goals to you, whether it’s entrepreneurial goals or academic ones. It makes it so much easier to continue to progress and grow as an individual, or as a business, when everyone around you is doing the same.

4. Learn How to Say No

Whether it’s a party on Saturday night, or just simply hanging out with friends, saying no can result in more time for you to work on your plan. Social lives aren’t the only distractions you may come across. More often than not, you’ll have to learn how to say no to some business opportunities or say no to new clients. Don’t spread yourself too thin, take it slow.

5. Just Start

If you’re on the fence on how to begin, the best advice from our young entrepreneurs at Hub101 is that the best and only way to start, is to just start. Start planning anything and everything even though it might be messy at first, but getting down the foundation is the most important part. The more you work at it, the more progress you will make.


Operated by California Lutheran University in Westlake Village, CA, Hub101 offers coworking, community and mentorship for entrepreneurs and small business owners to start, grow and scale their startups with the help of mentors, coaches and service providers. #StartSomething 


Looking back, the 4 reasons I’ve called Hub101 “Home” by Evan Brandt

By Evan Brandt Cal Lutheran University, 2018 

I’m proud to say that the early steps towards launching myself and my startup began here, at Hub101: at home. As I enter the last semester of my undergraduate career, I can name 4 aspects that make Hub101 feel like a second home.

1.    Guidance

 “Mom, I’m in college. I don’t need advice anymore.”

We’re in college, so we don’t need any guidance, anymore right? Wrong. College is a time of uncertainty. New place, strangers, away from everything you are familiar with. IT’S OKAY! College is meant to be a time of figuring things out. Not sure what you should work on? No idea where to begin? I was the same, and Hub101 helped. I stumbled upon the space when my good friend dragged me to one of the speaker series events. I had no idea why I’d come there or how to introduce what I was working on.  Nonetheless, I was warmly greeted by Greg Monterrosa and many other welcoming faces. He challenged me to hang out and find out what other people were working on. The plethora of awesome ideas and passions I heard about back then still stick with me today. No one seemed to have THE answer for me, but everyone had A answer, and it usually started with “Try this…”. It’s okay to not know; what’s important is to just START. Take that first step, and the experienced mentors at Hub101 will help guide the way.

2.    Freedom

“Is there a Waze for that?”

Yeah, a little guidance is cool, but this is college, why are you telling me what to do? You’re finally in a place to make some major decisions all on your own, so take advantage of it. Again, this is the stage of figuring things out. That requires a bit of exploring. Well-defined instructions don’t fit here. What’s cool about a coworking space is you could be sitting next to two people: one of which is working on a new education platform for elementary schools and the other is creating a complex robotic system. You’re free to wander! Nothing gives you permission quite like being surrounded by free thinkers from drastically different walks of life. So go ahead, try something new, ask for opinions, and come grab a seat next to the robotics guy.

3.    Support

“Been there, done that”

But how do I do it? Exploring can be scary, that’s why we’d watch documentaries on it, right? There’s a first time for everything, but there’s also a second. The cool thing about the second go-around is avoiding those pitfalls you fell in on the first. Luckily, Hub101 is full of “seconders.” Having done something and failed makes saying “It’s okay, I understand” so much sweeter. Don’t be afraid to ask for help and try mapping out those pesky pot holes.

4.    Food

“Not Ramen again…”

When you think of being crazy hungry you might think of “Munchies” or “Drunchies,” but I usually look in the fridge and see leftover StoneHaus with a floating halo above it when I’m pulling an all-nighter at Hub101. Home wouldn’t be home without some grub. Grab a plate, pull up a seat, and let’s talk about that next big move.

Evan Brandt is the founder of FamWe, an app that helps families with goals and tasks. He is also the President of the Cal Lutheran University, Entrepreneurship Club and is a Doer at Hub101. 


Operated by California Lutheran University in Westlake Village, CA, Hub101 offers coworking, community and mentorship for entrepreneurs and small business owners to start, grow and scale their startups with the help of mentors, coaches and service providers. #StartSomething 


Startup Weekend Conejo Valley Sports (Recap)

Hub101 has championed Startup Weekend Conejo Valley 2017 at Sports Academy, the only sports facility of its kind. The complex features basketball courts, beach volleyball courts, state-of-the-art sports medicine services, specialized studios and even an E-gaming suite. The 54-hour long weekend competition was sports themed, challenging participants to solve problems relating to physical movement.

This was the first time that Startup Weekend has partnered with a place like Sports Academy and it was the first time Sports Academy has hosted a Startup Weekend event, and they are all raring to do it again.

  “It has been incredible to be able to engage with Hub101 and Cal Lu,” Ashley Dean, Director of Corporate Development at Sports Academy said.

 According to Dean, it made sense for the space to host the event. The space is always filled with athletes and she loved to be able to support the team’s developments and see them get into the zone.

   Seven teams were voted on by the audience and formed throughout the course of the weekend:

 Flush – A new innovative golf driver that will greatly reduce side spin, and thus, slices and hooks for beginners.

 AI Tech – A unique used of artificial intelligence to improve athletic ability. The device analyzes movement, suggests improvements, and helps with muscle memory.

 Elevate – This team made a therapeutic sound and vibrating healing mat for placement in an aerial hammock specialized for yoga.

SSA (Sports Academy Agency) – This program is a sports accelerator for athletes to focus on long-term growth including coaching, physical and mental therapy and financial management. To the time, the lives of the athletes are worth more than just sports

 Virtual Athletics – A variety of virtual reality sports.

  Stadium Chain – This platform would serve as a content aggregation for athletes and fans, connecting all aspects of sports (ticket purchasing, content connection, etc) through block chain.

 Playbook – This is a play-call recommendation software for football coaches that can quickly predict the opposing team’s plays and offer suggestions via artificial intelligence.

Third place went to AI Tech, second to Elevate and first place to Virtual Athletics. Top prizes included free patent and trademark applications from So Cal IP Law Group, free coworking at Hub101 and a new community space, Matter Labs, in Camarillo, and Rams tickets (for crowd favorite Virtual Athletics).

Thanks to everyone who participated and made Startup Weekend Conejo Valley Sports happen!! #StartSomething 


Operated by California Lutheran University in Westlake Village, CA, Hub101 offers coworking, community and mentorship for entrepreneurs and small business owners to start, grow and scale their startups with the help of mentors, coaches and service providers.