Start-Up Kids Summer Camp comes to Hub101

By Molly Strawn

For the past two years, California Lutheran University facility including  business school Dean Gerhard Apfelthaler and Professor Vlad Vaiman, students and alumni have been working on Start-Up Kids, an Non-Profit focused on teaching entrepreneurship to young children through elementary school programs. They aim to teach problem-solving skills that will form the future leaders of our community.

So far, they have been successful in helping kids understand the process of being a real life entrepreneur. The Start-Up Kids team has been teaching their entrepreneurial program at Westlake Elementary school and one of the teams, Want It Warm, was part of the Cal Lutheran New Venture Competition in 2017.

“We believe entrepreneurship should focus on recognizing and building the necessary capabilities to create better leaders for our society through innovation, passion, and purpose,” Co-Founder Tyler Lucas.

Currently, the team is working hard to expand into neighboring communities and gain all the traction and public attention they can. They will also be working to raise funds for the upcoming fall semester. Other elementary schools in the area have shown interest in Start-Up Kids, and the team is working hard to raise funds and provide the program to the targeted schools.

This summer, Start-Up Kids will be holding summer camps at Hub101 in Westlake Village. The programs make it fun to unlock the creativity in young entrepreneurs and get them into the problem-solving mindset. Creative innovators, successful entrepreneurs and knowledgeable professionals make up the instructors.

 “I can’t thank you enough for the wonderful, creative, thought provoking class you are providing for my son, third-grader Matthew,” Kathleen Oates, a parent of a Start-Up Kids participant, said. “Matthew didn’t love coming to school this year. He now looks forward to E Block every day, brainstorming with the older kids, and says he feels ‘challenged and truly asked to think’ in [the] class.”

The week-long program is broken into three intertwining modules that help kids dive into the entrepreneurial process in a fun an interactive format.

 The first module is “Explore” where kids will learn about the field of entrepreneurship and how individuality creates unique perspective. The kids can also recognize current problems around them that they have the opportunity to solve.

  The second module is “Create.” Participants will be using creativity and brainpower to idealize potential solutions for the problem they recognized.

The third and final module is “Build” where everyone will be put into teams to apply their problem-solving skills to develop an innovative product or service.

“Developing minds at a young age makes the difference of a lifetime. The skills we teach and develop will make kids shine throughout their educational and professional careers. Preparing for success starts now,” Lucas said.

Summer Camps: Our one-week summer camps unlock the entrepreneur in children. In just one week, your Start-Up Kid will learn what entrepreneurship is, how to create and select winning ideas, and how to turn them into viable businesses.

All three camps will be run at Hub101, a fantastic co-work space and incubator (operated by California Lutheran University) at 31416 Agoura, in Westlake Village, CA 91361. 

s a non-profit organization, Start-Up Kids is always accepting donations and scholarships from supporting community members. Visit to view summer camp schedules and pricing.


Operated by Cal Lutheran University in Westlake Village, CA, Hub101 offers coworking, programs and community for entrepreneurs and small business owners to start, grow, and scale their startups with the help of mentors, coaches and service providers.  

Recap: ACG’s Emerging Growth Pitch Competition Showcase

Hub101 hosted the First Emerging Growth Pitch Competition Showcase from the Association for Corporate Growth. Fifteen of the Greater Los Angeles’ most innovative and exciting startups were chosen from an application pool and pitched to both investors and entrepreneurs in a showcase throughout the space.

Elite Robotics was voted first place and received one year of free co-working membership at Hub101. The company focuses on building small desktop robots to give medium businesses automation. In second place was MagicLinks, a company focused on providing media influencers with a platform to connect with other businesses to promote products and earn additional income. In third place was Moving Analytics. This company provides hospitals with a new way to help patients going through cardiac rehabilitation using visuals and other programs. All other participants received three months of free co-working through the space.

The guest judges and attendees then voted for the most impressive companies and provided them with detailed tips and feedback to help grow their business. It was both a great evening for pitches and for networking.

Additional participants were CloudXtion, eskini, Glucoware, New Realm Technology (Tooth Stars), revert, RentSpree, StyleMD, Tap That App, Things for Work, UnderBuilt, Vampr and Zenvoy.

Chief Operating Officer of a Preccelerator Program at ACG101 sponsor Stubbs Alderton & Markiles Heidi Hubbeling said the event was a huge success helping middle-market companies network and showcase their work.

“It went great. It was also fantastic for students,” Hubbeling said.

According to the judges, there was lots of diversity among the companies and each one had something innovative to share.

“It is more diverse than a lot of the LA expos I’ve been to,” Richard Wolpert, guest judge and company CEO said during the panel discussion.

Mike Panesis, Executive Director of the Center for Entrepreneurship, also said this was a great event for the business community.

“It’s all about helping these entrepreneurs,” Panesis said.


My First 6 Months at Hub101: A Freshman's Journey

Entering the CLU job fair as a nervous first year, I was just hoping to find a part time job to cover college expenses. The notion of gaining a family and a job that allows me to express my passion seemed more than unrealistic. What I found at Hub101 was so much more. Hub101 has exceeded my expectations in so many ways. When people ask me about where I work, it is is hard to fully explain the dynamic of Hub101. My favorite parts of Hub101 can be boiled down to three main aspects.

The first aspect is the sense of family. I remember immediately after I finished my interview, my boss (Greg Monterrosa) said to me “welcome home”. I had no idea where I would fit in or how things would play out, but many people assured me that I would find my place.

The place I found exceeded my expectations. Within your first 5 minutes of walking into The Hub, there were be at least two people who will genuinely ask you how you are doing, or give you a fist bump. Having the family of Hub101 throughout freshman year has given me a crucial safety net.

The opportunity to work with other CLU students who have more college and life experience than I do gave me great role models. The adults around the space also offered me advice and guidance when I needed it. The family at Hub is full of individuals who are down to earth, generous, caring and genuine.

The second aspect of Hub101 that I love is the fact that I can practice my passion and get paid for it, how cool is that! I have always had a passion for photography, but I never thought I was good enough to make a career out of it. Hub101 changed that.

I have grown in my confidence in my creativity and photography skills tremendously in my 6 months here. It is such an incredible feeling to see photographs that I have taken on the website and instagram. While working at Hub101 I have always been encouraged to think outside of the box and follow through on ambitious and creative urges. Without this job I would not have grown so much creatively and I am very grateful for that.

The final aspect is the attitude of those who I have the pleasure of working with. It is intensely inspiring to work surrounded by people with profound drive and passion. The positive attitude and determination displayed by all of my co-workers constantly pushes me to work hard and do my best. I have learned so many important life skills and work skills in my short time here. The connections I have formed here are not only relevant to my life now, but also to my future. I am so excited to watch my co-workers grow in their entrepreneurship endeavors and as people. I am also excited to grow myself, and I know that the community here at Hub101 will help me along my journey.

Operated by Cal Lutheran University in Westlake Village, CA, Hub101 offers coworking, programs and community for entrepreneurs and small business owners to start, grow, and scale their startups with the help of mentors, coaches and service providers.  

A Sophomore's Journey at Hub101

With one of the attitudes at Hub101 always centered on growth and improvement of oneself, the Hub is a perfect court for students and professionals to learn how to work with different types of people and develop their skills.

At the Hub, there are no limitations to anyone’s creativity, we understand that stepping into the realm of entrepreneurship can be a daunting and as an entrepreneur the roads are often full of uncertainty. Thankfully, we have members who are always very giving in terms of knowledge and sharing experiences when asked with suggestions on how to solve problems. Within this atmosphere, I have learned to trust the judgements of people around me and not be afraid to ask for assistance and suggestions.

This grounded space has allowed me to flourish and work towards my own innovative ideas and creative thoughts. In these months of working at the Hub, I have spoken at numerous events and worked with numerous different types of people, all of which has contributed to my personal advancements. I appreciate how much this space has allowed me as a student to work, collaborate, have discussions and receive guidance from mentors without ever feeling embarrassed.

Essentially, the Hub has provided a place for me to grow, sustaining myself off the knowledge and compassion of others. Comfort levels are what make us feel safe, given the honesty and care we give to everyone here are the Hub strives to raise the other person up. The happiness and success of one individual is the happiness and success of all members.


Operated by Cal Lutheran University in Westlake Village, CA, Hub101 offers coworking, programs and community for entrepreneurs and small business owners to start, grow, and scale their startups with the help of mentors, coaches and service providers.  



Hub101 Community Manager, Greg Monterrosa Joins Business Roundtable!

Hub101 is excited to announce Community Manager Greg Monterrosa’s recent appointment to the Thousand Oaks City Council Business Roundtable. The Business Roundtable is a group of leaders within the local business community who meet on a regular basis to provide input on City Council decisions affecting the local community and its citizens. The group discusses a variety of topics within every meeting’s agenda, and works in tandem with the City Council to make progress towards the goal of making the city of Thousand Oaks a place where all business can thrive.

“I am extremely excited to be a part of this Roundtable,” Monterrosa commented. “It’s a great way to help make the community I live and work in a better place for everyone. I’m really looking forward to seeing what kinds of things this group and the City Council can accomplish through working together.”

According to Monterrosa, having a Hub101 community member participating in this type of civic group is a great thing for startups and entrepreneurship in our region. “It’s in the spirit of Hub101 to take part in this type of venture,” Monterrosa said.

“Part of what Hub101 is trying to do is make the Conjeo Valley as a whole one of the most startup-friendly communities in the world. Being a part of this Roundtable will allow me to bring the entrepreneurial community’s view to the conversation, and hopefully ensure the policies put in place by the City Council contribute to achieving this goal.”