Hub101's Greg Monterrosa honored with Pacific Coast Business Times Latino Business Award.

Hub101's Greg Monterrosa honored with Pacific Coast Business Times Latino Business Award.

On July 19th Hub101’s Community Relations Manager, Greg Monterrosa will be accepting an award as the winner of Pacific Coast Business Times Latino Business Award in the Higher Education category. The ceremony will take place from 5:30 p.m. – 7:30 p.m. at the Crowne Plaza Ventura Beach.

The Latino Business Awards is an annual ceremony that honors business men and women in the west coast Tri-county area; Ventura, Santa Barbara, and San Luis Obispo; to reflect their outstanding achievement as leaders in their communities.

A Sophomore's Journey at Hub101 by Kaija Schoeld

By Kaija Schoeld

I began my sophomore year desperate for a job and concerned I wouldn’t be able to find something I would enjoy doing. In the midst of my search, I received an email from Hub101, a year after applying for the job, and thought “hey I may as well interview and see what they have to offer." This has to be the best decision of my sophomore year. What I found at Hub101 was more than just a campus job, I found community and a space that’s always ready to welcome you home even if you haven’t claimed it yet.

The moment I knew I was supposed to be at Hub101 was after a conversation I had with my dad about my job. We were talking about all that I wanted to get out of it and achieve from working here, the next day I went into work and my boss, Greg Monterrosa, came over to me to talk about some plans for things I could do at Hub101; it was as if he was repeating exactly what I had just talked to my dad about, almost word for word. In that moment, I was like “yeah, okay, I’m in the right place.”

Hub101 became a home for me. I feel welcomed and valued here. The atmosphere is always so positive, and I can count on going to work and leaving in a better mood than when I came in. Everyone is always excited about what you can bring to the table and are ready to throw ideas around and listen to what you have to say.

A very important part of Hub101 is the community. I’ve met so many great people here that I wouldn’t have met otherwise, and I can’t put into words how thankful I am to have met the people I have here. You can find the most interesting people wandering around Hub101 any day of the week, willing to have a conversation with you or give you the friendly smile you needed for the day.

It’s been interesting learning my job description around here. People will ask what I do, and I won’t have a definite answer because in your time here, you kind of do it all which is part of what I love about working here.

 Part of my job is doing what I love most: film making. I came into Hub101, was asked what I’m passionate about, and was given a job that focused on that. It’s the perfect job for college because it gives me a place to practice what I love doing while growing and connecting with people. I’m so thankful to be given the opportunity to grow my passion… and get paid to do it!

Hub101 is a place of community and positivity. My sophomore year would have been so different without my job here and the connections I’ve made.  I owe so much to Hub101 and I’m excited to see what else I can accomplish and start throughout my time here!

Hub101 wins 2018 Coworker Members’ Choice Award for coworking spaces

By Riley Waller  

Westlake Village, CA (Monday 16 April 2018) Hub101  today announced it has been recognized as winner of the 2018 Coworker Members’ Choice Award for Westlake Village, CA Members’ Choice award winners were determined based on the thousands of reviews, votes and opinions collected in a single year from coworking space members worldwide.

“I’m very excited and honored to accept the Coworker Members’ Choice Award on behalf of Hub101. The community of people here at the Hub101 really make it a great and supportive place to cowork. It’s amazing to see the kind of impact our workspace has had in the region”, said Greg Monterrosa, community manager of Hub101.

“Coworker is excited to announce the winners of the 2018 Members’ Choice Awards and celebrate the coworking spaces around the world that are making an impact in their community”, said Leanne Beesley, CEO of Coworker. “By putting a spotlight on coworking spaces that are providing a great environment and creating a community for their members, Coworker gives coworking spaces both large and small the ability to shine and attract new members.”


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Operated by Cal Lutheran University in Westlake Village, CA, Hub101 offers a space for entrepreneurs and small business owners to start, grow, and scale their startups with the help of mentors, coaches and service providers.

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