Learn: Help your startup become a reality through learning about best practices for fast-growth businesses. Execute: Utilize our mentors to help engineer business plans that will get the ball rolling. Grow: Spread your branches by raising the capital necessary for turning your dream of a running a successful startup into a reality.

And do all of this within the confines of our supportive, engaging community of entrepreneurs.

Month 1: Learn

Business model canvas

Customer discovery and validation

1:1 Mentor Time

Get legal/IP help

Month 2: Execute

Connect with product development experts

Meet strategic partners

Learn and implement lead generation and digital marketing techniques

Develop investor pitch deck and practice with real investors

Month 3: Grow

Connect with 1:1 with a variety of investors including angels, venture capital, and small business banks.

Build and execute a crowdfunding campaign

Pitch coaching and practice

Formal DEMO DAY in front of investors and accelerators.

Take that next step.