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HUB101 Hacks is an ideal environment for both new ideas and developed ideas to be accelerated towards success during the course of a weekend.

HUB101 Hacks is a program created by 805 Startups and developed with the support of HUB101 and Matter Labs.

Each HUB101 Hacks event is themed to specific industries to generate focused innovation.

You will work on an idea while surrounded by active industry professionals, UX researches/designers, business consultants, lawyers, finance/accounting professionals, hardware and software mentors, and many more.

You will be guided in validation testing, traction strategy, business operations, handling intellectual property, and many other critical aspects of turning a startup idea into a successful business that can generate revenue and/or attract invsestors.

HUB101 Hacks is more than a startup/tech hackathon, it is a business hackathon.


Real Estate and AEC (Architecture Engineering Construction) industries.

All the ideas worked on during the event need to fall within this theme.

Ideas that have some cross over with this theme may be allowed. For example, an interior decorating idea or a home automation idea.

If you are unsure about your idea, please contact us for approval.



    • Educate & train participants from our region about startups/innovation/entrepreneurship/business management
    • Increase interaction between corporations, SMBs, government, and the startup ecosystem
    • Raise awareness of startup ecosystem activity
    • Raise appeal for the region in the minds of those interested in startups and high skilled jobs
    • Raise appeal for the region in the minds of those interested in the health and future of our local economy
    • Raise appeal for the region in the minds of investors
    • Create new relationships of support throughout the region
    • Demonstrate the value of startup methodologies to all businesses that exist today
    • Attract new businesses, residents, and workers to the region
    • Collect strategic data to learn and to grow the startup ecosystem in our region
    • Create strategic partnerships
    • Identify exceptional individuals and teams to highlight to the community
    • Increase overall activity of the startup ecosystem
    • Create REAL businesses with REAL validation
    • Increase the diversity found within our startup ecosystem



  • Your idea must fit within the industry theme of the HUB101 Hacks event. This HUB101 Hacks industry theme is : Real Estate, AEC (architecture, engineering and construction)
  • You may come with an idea you have already started working on. You may not add new team members at the Hub101 Hacks event. You will be judged on the work you did while at the HUB101 Hacks event. Each team member must purchase an individual ticket and mark what team they are with before the HUB101 Hacks event begins at 4:30pm on Day 1
  • Your team will be judged in one of two categories: Software or Hardware. A prize will be awarded to the winner in each category
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