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Mathematics and Insights on Paying off Debt w/ Ihsan (Sean) Salleh Data Science Director in corporate strategy at Sony Pictures

We are bringing Ihsan (Sean) Salleh back as a speaker, but this time to speak about a topic he is passionate about. Could math help people navigate complex decisions around debt?

For most of us, credit card and loan debt are necessary evils to live in a modern world. Sometimes we rack up a ton of it to the point it causes tears and back pain. Financial experts have touted effective strategies to eliminate debt, with the driver of success being psychological discipline. However, there is a gap in how we should think about destroying debt. In this talk, we’ll start with goals for debt elimination and delve into some mathematics and their insights, which might be outside the status quo.


Ihsan (Sean) Salleh is a strategist and data scientist with 11 years in entertainment, marketing, and ecommerce. Sean is currently a Data Science Director in corporate strategy at Sony Pictures and before that was in data science and partnerships at Hulu. He holds graduate degrees in applied mathematics.