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Internet of Things (IOT) – Innovation that Matters!

The thought leader will demonstrate the product/service, the IOT technologies involved in his innovation, the design and manufacturing plan

About this Event

ABSTRACT: "Using a "tap-2-check-in" feature, CareRinger will turn on a light button (or a light box) in advance to signal time for check-in. To signal their well-being, the user only needs to tap twice on the light button to turn the light off. It offers seniors with hearing loss and other common disabilities an assistive technology for them and their families to use for reassurance, without having to rely solely on their telephone for check-in calls. The presentation will demonstrate the product/service, the IOT technologies involved and the design and manufacturing needed for improvement. Anticipated outcomes include: 1) feelings of comfort and peace of mind for the seniors and their caregivers; 2) increase social ties and perceived social support; 3) improve the way we care for seniors in the under-served communities; 4) potentially reducing suffering and also saving on medical expenses for many more seniors. "

ABOUT THE FACILIATORS: Henry Chan (innovator) has decades of experience in the telecommunications industry. He embarked upon his entrepreneurial journey several years ago. The former telecommunications professional, now attends to special needs of elderly people. He is a member of the CSVP (Conejo Valley Senior Volunteer Program) Advisory Board. Since 2012, Henry has been teaching about senior-friendly technologies in his local communities. Henry invented the technology and founded CareRinger. He holds patents on methods that apply to his tech-services. He speaks regularly at forums and conferences. To learn more please visit CareRinger @

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