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Branding Your Company and the Art of Market Assessment – a Dialogue with Engineer turned Marketer and Salesman

Branding Your Company and the Art of Market Assessment – a Dialogue with Engineer turned Marketer and Salesman:

Understanding how a start-up makes money is critical. Many young companies build a product or service that meets the customer’s need but cannot identify how to monetize the value they provide. Is this a marketing or strategic issue? We will discuss:

 Research Target Marketing: Carrying out market research enables you to identify and compare growth opportunities.

  • Set out a Communication Plan: The section on communications describes how you will raise the profile of your firm with clients and prospects.
  • Establishing Marketing Objectives: The marketing plan begins with your marketing objectives.
  •  Identify Service Development Needs: Your marketing plan should identify new services you need to develop to achieve your objectives.

Bridgeman Carney started his professional career in Civil Engineering and due to personal interest transitioned to digital technology at the dawn of today's PCs. After many years in the technology engineering side, Bridge moved to marketing based on his abilities to translate technology terms and features to 'real world' advantages. In a unique turn he moved into a Sales role becoming the top salesperson doubling company sales allowing that company to a successful IPO. Since then Carney has had assignments in a range of front-line and executive positions in private and public high technology based companies.