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IEEE Entrepreneurship: Developing a New Ventura County Entrepreneurial-Eco System

STARTUPS Ventura County, a Camarillo Chamber initiative has set up a new co-work space. The co-work space supports the winners of Startups Ventura County (“SVC”) ( and is up and running.  Four emerging companies have already set up shop there.  Hopefully, there will be many more to come. A ribbon cutting party, attended by many local dignitaries, was held on January 11, 2018.

The IEEE community has much to offer to these new startup companies. Come out to hear refreshing point of view on how we can all contributing to the growing Ventura County Entrepreneurial-Eco System. Why has Ventura County falling out of the top 10 counties in California for entrepreneurs in the new States Entrepreneur Index by the University of Nebraska-Lincoln? Join in the discussion and discovery session. What will bring us back to the being one of California’s top performing Entrepreneurial-Eco System Counties.

There are all sorts of ideas about how to organize an entrepreneurial ecosystem. Scholars Jorge Guzman and Scott Stern suggest a focus on the quality of entrepreneurial activity in a region rather than the mere quantity. Come meet other aspiring engineers and entrepreneurs in an engaging discussion designed to ignite the reemergence of the Startup meme in Ventura County! Our facilitator of the discussion, Martin Shum will kick things off. Martin will share his vision on how obtaining a new level of cooperation between intrapreneurs, entrepreneurs and engineers in tackling problems, inefficiencies and game changers is unprecedented at this time. Come find out how to benefit and contribute to the emerging Ventura County Entrepreneurial-Eco System. Be or meet a valued advisor, mentor, subject matter experts and potential business partners.

About the Speaker
Martin Shum is a retired engineer/entrepreneur, now business consultant and Board Member of the Camarillo Chambers of Commerce. Martin Shum has compiled, with contributions from a number of attorneys fluent in startup speak, a series of videos covering topics such as intellectual property, advisory board, corporate formation, incentive stock option plan, board of directors and venture capital deal terms. These videos are available on YouTube in a playlist called “Learn to be an On the Grid Entrepreneur”. Take advantage of spending face-time time with Martin and learn all you can in person! Martin has launched several startup companies that eventually went public. Martin is championing the startup efforts in Ventura County. He and Gary Cushing, CEO of Camarillo Chamber, are the organizers of Startups Ventura County (previously known as Startup Weekend Ventura County).

Startup Eco-system: The creation of a comprehensive startup eco-system for Ventura County is a joint effort between the public sector (Ventura County Government, City of Camarillo, Ventura County Healthcare Agency, Ventura County Agricultural Commissioner and Ventura County Medical Center), the private sector (Dignity Health St. Johns Hospitals, Semtech Corporation, Limoneira, Meissner Filtration Products, Bonipak, Z Power, Applied Wireless, Zebra technologies, Reiter Affiliated Companies, Advanced Motion Control and Camarillo Chamber of Commerce) and the local learning institutions (UCSB, CSUN, CSUCI, Cal Poly and Cal Lutheran).