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Fast Data, Slow Government? How Data Scientists are Using AI to Solve Problems

Fast Data, Slow Government? How Private Data Scientists are Using AI to Solve Public Problems

Our speaker Dave Goodsmith is a managing data scientist focused on collaborative applications of machine learning and artificial intelligence for governments and large organizations. His focus is on bringing the benefits of exponential private sector data science growth to government at all levels. He will present case examples in public-private partnerships from disaster relief, access to data, and traffic management.

Dave leads the B2G project focus at (, the most advanced tool-agnostic enterprise data science platform which is headquartered here in LA. His talk will include:

● From Satellites to Boots on the Ground - Illustrations of how the latest advances in deep learning can power disaster-relief efforts.

● Corporate Data Scientists and National Data Sets - Examples of how the Commerce Department and other organizations partner with private companies to apply cloud-based data science innovations to open data sets.

● Crowd-Sourced Traffic Graph Models - Illustrations of how the data feed provided by Waze to governments can be utilized to revolutionize the practice of traffic infrastructure development.

● Your Turn - How participants, both individually and through their employers, can immediately apply their data science skills to impactful, life-saving, collaborative civic projects.

About our Speaker

Dave Goodsmith is Managing Data Scientist and Director of Strategic Partnerships at where they provide an enterprise data science platform that combines the tools, libraries, and languages data scientists love with the infrastructure and workflows their organizations need. He is a data scientist, thought leader and educator with over 20 years of experience working with global enterprise to optimize big data opportunities.

His data-driven narratives featuring analytics on data science topics ranging from national campaign finance to online gambling have garnered millions of views in outlets including VentureBeat, the Los Angeles Times, and Forbes. Dave’s activities in the B2G data science community include founding “Our Lives, Our Data” and serving as the Co-Chair of the NSF Innovation Hub Metro Data Science Working Group. Previously, Dave taught the exemplar data science course at General, led DataKind’s Data Corps and researched neuroeconomics at Columbia University. His undergraduate in Environmental Science is from Harvard and his graduate degree in Statistics and MBA are from the City University of New York.