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Global Game Jam Townhall

Who we are
Nick: Game Master, Square Enix - Spends his days addressing player pain, using his experiences to inform policy change and improve player experience

Calvin: Quality Analyst, Riot Games - Works with a cross-functional team of developers to set expectations for product quality and direct testing efforts to ensure delivery of top-notch features

• What we're doing
We are hosting a site for Global Game Jam, an international event which brings thousands of developers together to develop entire games in only 48-hours

• Why you should care
Global Game Jam fosters innovation and creativity, serving as a launch point for many young developers and as a space to experiment for industry veterans. GGJ makes game development accessible, proving that in our digital world the tools to be a self-made creator are at your fingertips. Ventura County is overflowing with talent just waiting for the opportunity to get involved in a massive industry which is only just starting to realize its potential

• What to bring
Yourself, and a desire to foster innovators and creators in Ventura and LA Counties