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Learn, Create, Collaborate as a Team with an Enterprise Data Science Platform

Westlake Village Data Science Meetup;

Learn, Create, and Collaborate as a Team with an Enterprise Data Science Platform

If you have a significant commitment to predictive analytics in your business then the ability to produce, deploy, and maintain good quality models becomes extremely important for two reasons:

1.  You’ve already realized the way that good models can drive both top and bottom line.

2.  You now have a sufficiently large investment in both data science talent and support systems that you need to manage for efficiency and effectiveness.

Most large organizations with more than about a half-dozen data scientists have recognized how difficult it is to manage for quality and speed if everyone is freelancing in R or Python.  If you are managing such a group then you need to ensure that projects are being approached in a standardized manner and that only as much time as is economically warranted is being invested in each.

These are the factors that are driving adoption of standardized advanced analytic platforms.

Our speaker, Sam Ennis from IBM will demonstrate how organizing your company's data science group around a centralized platform, the IBM Data Science Experience, can help your team be more productive and speed time to data-driven insights.

In the use case demonstrated, an outdoor retailer achieves increased personalization for their customers by using machine learning to make a predictive online product recommendation for them. Sam will walk through how the platform facilitates this process end-to-end.

Sam will demonstrate how rapidly good predictive models can be created using modern drag-and-drop graphical interfaces that continue to provide the advanced user with full access to all controls while still offering full access to R and Python.  He will ingest and analyze customers' previous purchase history, then create and deploy a machine learning model that makes a propensity-to-purchase prediction for new customers visiting the outdoor retailer's website and can be used to recommend products.

About our Speaker

Sam Ennis:  Sam is a Client Technology Specialist on the IBM Cloud Analytics team, helping clients gain insights from their data in effective ways that bring value to their organization. Prior to IBM, his background was in software development, working at Garmin and Workiva. An Iowa native, Sam currently resides in the San Francisco Bay Area. Sam holds a B.S. in Computer Engineering from Iowa State University.