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Best Version of you Series: "Discovering your Why" with Wesley Bancroft

Many of us can describe what we do or how we do it, but very rarely are we able to articulate Why we do it. The most powerful brands and individuals are those that start with answering their Why, and the brands that can capture and truly embody their core beliefs create lasting impact far beyond the product or service they provide.

I will walk you through how you can discover the Why behind your brand and craft a manifesto about what you believe. Much like how our nation's founders crafted a document with their core beliefs—The Declaration of Independence—I will help you discover your core beliefs and craft your own declaration. I will give you a template to help you turn your convictions to words, so that you can craft a document to live by, and most importantly share with your audience.

My mission is to help you identify your core beliefs so that others can deeply identify with your brand and your mission. Great brands are more than just a good looking logo. Great brands connect with what people believe. Let me help you discover your core beliefs and design your brand, together.

Wesley Bancroft is the founder of WMB Studio, a branding agency that focuses on helping companies and people find their purpose and core beliefs.

His goal is to help you clarify your message so people will listen, discover your story and find how your core beliefs differentiate you.

Along with this, Wesley is the VP of Design at DRIAV, the world’s first insurance company for self-driving cars and is the Design Partner at Peate Ventures.

You can visit his website at

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