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IEEE Presents: Dr. Chad Fulk Senior Principal Operations Engineer at Raytheon

How Best Should an Engineer Run Both Product Development and Delivery on Ultra-High Performance Electro-Optic SCAs?


In this presentation, I propose an open discussion on effective engineering in boutique EOIR industries. Satellite systems are expensive and deliveries are usually unique to their mission. Focal plane foundries need to bid, build and deliver these SCA on cost, on time and most importantly, fully functional. Deliveries however, are usually in small quantities with very specialized performance needs. Often technology development is required. This suggests ‘proving’ a new method/process/idea is viable before implementation. Thus, the question: How best should an engineer run both product development and delivery on ultra-high performance and ‘boutique’ electro-optic SCAs?


About the Speaker

Dr. Chad Fulk is a Senior Principal Operations Engineer at Raytheon Vision Systems. He formerly worked at BAE Systems and EPIR. His focus in on development of vis-SWIR, MWIR and VLWIR large area staring and hyperspectral arrays for next generation of space based strategic defense and astronomy applications. Chad earned is BA in Physics, MA in Mathematics, MS and PhD in Physics. He is an adjunct assistant professor of Physics at the University of Illinois at Chicago with more than 30 publications and two patents pending. In 2005 he was awarded the William Spicer Best Paper Award at the II-VI materials. He is recognized as a Georgia Tech SENSIAC, Military Sensing Information Analysis Center Subject Matter Expert for Infrared Materials and Mathematical Analysis, Modeling & Simulation. He also held a position as a committee member of the Workshop on Physics and Chemistry of II-VI and is currently a member of the Military Sensing Symposia Detector and Material committee. Chad also acts as the Raytheon industry liaison to UCSB on their Corporate Affiliates Board