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How to Create the Best Team for Your Startup

How to Create the Best Team for Your Startup

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Free & Pizza: 6:00pm
Interactive Session: 6:30pm – 8:00pm
Facilitator/Speaker Pavel Golenchenko
Free admission


Even startups that manage to raise millions in seed funding can crash before they establish themselves as a viable organization if they assemble the wrong team. There is an art and science to selecting the right capable and motivated individuals who collectedly have the most appropriate mix of experience required to optimize decision-making and actions taking in the growing company. Our guest facilitator/speaker will discuss the attributes required of a startup team that ensures a healthy environment. In addition, you will gain insight on how to read the signs signaling team synergy, which in turn reflects the business benefit realization.

About the Guest Speaker/Facilitator

Pavel Golenchenko is a Certified Senior Associate and the Managing Director of Adizes USA at the Adizes Institute. As a Certified Senior Associate, he delivers consulting services for Adizes clients worldwide, facilitating their organizational change. Pavel also regularly presents advanced concepts on the Adizes Methodology to Executives and CEOs around the world. Previously, Pavel served as Vice President of Business Operations and oversaw the global operations of the Adizes Institute’s international offices.

Pavel studied at the University of Colorado, Boulder and Belarusian State University, Belarus, and graduated in 1999 with a M.S. in Management with a focus on marketing high-tech and innovation. He also holds a Bachelor Degree in Civil Engineering and an International Executive MBA from the Bled School of Management, Slovenia.

Pavel began his work at the Adizes Institute in 2007 when he established Adizes Belarus, the first Adizes office in the Russian-speaking world. Since then he has been working around the globe delivering Adizes consulting services. Pavel has worked in the US and internationally with organizations operating in industries such as IT, logistics, telecommunications, construction, engineering services, postgraduate education, manufacturing, and retail.

Prior to joining the Adizes Institute, Pavel worked for 8 years as a senior executive and CEO of two leading business schools in Belarus, which specialized in the development of Executives and their companies. He also successfully applied the Adizes Methodology to one of the companies he previously managed. Pavel has also worked as a marketing executive for an IT system integrator and distributor.