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Introduction to Genomic Data Science

Genomic Data Science is an exciting and emerging subfield of data science, in which data science techniques are used to analyze genetic characteristics of populations and their representative DNA. The recent increase in data available to genomic researchers, combined with falling computation and sequencing costs, and novel techniques such as CRISPR gene editing, all have massive implications for the way we diagnose and treat human health.

Come hear from Ali Anari, CTO and Co-Founder of GeneAngel (formerly Allele Genomics), a Hub101 genomics startup about how they use data science.

•   An introduction to genomic data science with some real world examples.

 •   Examine some of the latest tools and techniques used by genomic researchers.

 •   Explore how the synthesis of Biochemistry and Molecular Modeling, along with Data Science, can produce actionable, real-world results.

The presentation will focus on the intersection of biology and data science for data scientists and data engineers, and conclude with a brief product demo of GeneAngel’s platform in action.

About our Speaker

Ali Anari is the co-founder and CTO of GeneAngel. He has 10 years of combined experience in software engineering, predictive analytics, data engineering, and modeling. Prior to his current role, he ran analytics at Wag! Labs, and fraud prevention at Tilt in San Francisco. Ali received his Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science from Temple University.

GeneAngel (formerly Allele Genomics) is a genomics company that came out of the Fall 2016 Hub101 Incubator program, and recently publicly launched their consumer platform. GeneAngel translates raw genetic data into personalized genetic reports, and actionable lifestyle recommendations, and offers nutrition, health, and and detox guides based on DNA.