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Live Ted2017 Stream :The Future You

The idea for TEDxLive grew out of a question asked by some at TED: What would happen if we made the TED Conference more open and its impact more immediate and globally tangible? What would happen if communities around the world gathered to engage with—and build upon—the TED Conference experience while it happened?

Please join us on Thursday, April 27th for TEDxConejoLive, one of the TEDxLive events to be hosted around the world during the TED Conference. A TEDxLive event gathers together a TEDx community to watch a live stream of the TED conference and to get “a taste of TED.”

As a TEDxConejoLive is pleased to bring you the live videostream from all of the sessions on this day. It is an exceptional day of talks. The full line up from 11:00 am to approximately 7:00 pm can be viewed below.

You you are welcome to watch all day, come and go as your schedules allow, or drop in for a session.

Admission is free. Snacks and beverages will be available. Bring your own lunch. (Donations, in cash and or in-kind, to help defray the cost are appreciated).