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Bridging The Gap Between Business And Data Science

One of the biggest challenges for the adoption of analytics is the language barrier between Business and Data Science. Often times, analytics professionals understand the techniques but not the underlying business processes they are trying to model or optimize. Business leaders are often intimidated by the mathematics and cannot clearly describe the problems in a logical fashion that can be modeled. 

Joe Baird has been working to bridge this gap for over twenty five years. He is currently the Chief Innovation Office at Northwood Advisors and a board member at The Big Data Institute. Prior to his current roles, Joe was a Partner in Business Analytics and Optimization practice at IBM. He has previously worked at Kurt Salmon as a Managing Partner and Head of their Market Intelligence Center serving the Top 50 global retailers. 

Joe, from his rich experience, has developed an approach to help better describe not only the problems that need to be solved but also the analytical approach and outputs that can be easily understood by the business community. In this presentation, he will use real world examples of how to interview business users, how to explain various methods and the best approach for presenting findings that can be understood and allow the business to take action.