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Women's Money MasterMind 2.0

In 2007 the Women's Money Mastermind began (formerly called Women's Money Forums). Quite frankly, it time for a facelift. It's not about eliminating anything that was being offered i.e. supporting women in their efforts to become financially independent but rather to add even more value while keeping the meeting completely FREE.

To that end, please meet Women's Money Mastermind 2.0. This new format will include:

- Networking (Two 20-minute sessions).

- A top-notch speaker.

- Light snacks, drinks and wine.

February's Speaker

This month's speaker will be Kaaren Douglas. Kaaren is a long-time friend and colleague who is known as 'The Follow Up Doctor'. Follow up, as I'm sure you know, applies to life in general and is particularly crucial in the business and sales setting. It can also apply when searching for a job or getting a dispute settled. Being consistent in this area is very challenging for many of us as we battle with the day to day list of to-dos that is often so long. Kaaren has written a book on the subject, the second edition of which is called Strategic Follow Up: Five Easy Steps to Build Your Business (The Follow Up Doctor's Prescription for Business Success Book 1). It is available on Amazon (a best seller) 

Regardless of what you're doing, whether it's working outside the home, inside the home, home-based business, working for a company, charitable work etc.... you will find tremendous value in what Kaaren will be teaching. I have heard her speak many times and have always learned something new as well as being thoroughly entertained by her somewhat dry sense of humor and general speaking style. You will be pleased that you attended.