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Score Ventura: How to Write a Winning Business Plan

If you don’t know where you’re going any road will get you there.

The business plan is the road map and living document to a successful business.

Remember, it's not how it looks, it is what it says that counts.

Learn how to set your business goals and develop a proven strategy to accomplish them. This workshop covers a variety of subjects to help you manage and plan the growth of your business to maximize your profits. A Business Plan focuses all the facets of your business, gives you the tools for evaluation. This plan is discussed and evaluated when applying for financing, after approved financing this is the tool for measuring success and future direction.

Topics discussed include:

  • how to describe your business
  • assess the market need for your product or service
  • financial forecast
  • use of funding
  • finding the necessary supporting data to back up the marketing and finacial forecast.