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Startup Heroes: Startup Launchpad

Launchpad events are designed for a fast and fun filled night of networking. It's designed to get the startup community out talking and collaborating. 

• Startups - Looking for a mentor, co-founder, domain experts, customers, funding etc. Then this event is for you! 

• Investors - Looking for a great opportunity in the area? Then this event is for you too! Bring lots of cards you will get mobbed.

• Local Business - Love working on new projects and want to share you industry expertise? Then come on down.

• Just have an idea and don't know where to start? - Start by coming to this event. 

• Mentor, Expert, Co-founder - You guessed it. Get here.

It's a very basic format. 

First 45 minutes is speed intros

Startups, experts, companies, potential team mates etc will come up and do a quick intro on who they are, what they do and who they are looking to meet!

And Then...

After the intros are done we turn everyone loose to network. It's just that simple

Company Pitch Application:

Startup Pitch Application:

If your are not a Company or Startup and want to do an intro just reach out to us directly!