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Best Version of You Series: Jim Cathcart, How To Inspire and Motivate People

In leadership, we share a responsibility, the development of others. The role of Leadership means to develop others so well that you become progressively less necessary.


  • The difference between incentives and motives 
  • How to recognize the Natural Values that spark a person’s motivation & how values differ among people 
  • How to get people to take positive action even when they don’t feel ready yet 
  • How to focus everyone’s energies on the things that matter most 
  • How to avoid getting bogged down in processes and losing sight of purposes and outcomes 
  • How to understand the roles that: personality, intellect, values, velocity and belief systems play in motivation 
  • How to connect with others who are not like you 
  • How to become the kind of person who others willingly follow 

Though this sounds like a contradiction, it is a fact. The less they need you, the better you’ve done your job.

Your job as a leader is to get others to do what is needed whether they feel like it or not. It is also to get them to want to do it, and know how to do it well so that continuing supervision isn’t required.

Jim Cathcart is one of the world’s leading authorities on leadership motivation. He has authored 18 books and delivered over 3,100 professional speeches around the world. Entrepreneur at large, Jim Cathcart, CSP, CPAE addresses hundreds of thousands of people each year and has started and grown numerous businesses.

His 2017 schedule included a Round-The-World lecture tour with extended stops in China and Poland.

Jim has been inducted into the Professional Speakers Hall of Fame and the Sales & Marketing Hall of Fame.

His TEDx video is in their Top 1% with well over a million views.

As Hub101's first Entrepreneur in Residence we are privileged to have Mr. Cathcart helping advance the entrepreneurship and leadership in our amazing region!

In his new book The Self-Motivation Handbook by Jim Cathcart he teaches "Do what needs to be done... Even when you don't feel like doing it. From the author of the international best-seller The Acorn Principle, comes the newest book on motivating yourself to reach the highest levels of success."

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