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Illuminate CEO Roundtable

If you're serious about growing, succeeding, and achieving your goals as an entrepreneur, a roundtable is a great way to support you on your journey!  It's lonely at the top... who can you vent to about an employee issue, or share your wildest growth dreams with?  If you have a board, you know that not all levels of brainstorming are appropriate to share with your entire board.  And who keeps you on track with your goals in between board meetings?  Who holds you accountable to the big picture when new fires pop up every day that only you can put out?  Who pushes you to go after the big, scary opportunities when it's so much easier not to?   Who believes in you and gives you a boost when you need it most?  You need a new outlet for inspiration, support, and accountability. 

The ILLUMINATE CEO Roundtable gathers CEO's who are eager to grow, and have impressive knowledge and best practices to share with fellow entrepreneurs.  We'll network, share in successes, and work through challenges together.  We'll share individual goals for the year, and report on progress each month - as well as any obstacles standing in the way of progress - and work together to help you address those.  We'll also invite subject matter experts and advisors to help with finance, taxes, legal issues, and more. 

ach session is moderated by Laura Azzalina, Founder of ILLUMINATE CEO/CFO, who brings decades of finance, strategy, and growth experience as well as her sincere, enthusiastic personal and executive coaching style.  After decades of working with entrepreneurs, Laura found that the single greatest indicator for success was accountability.  Skills, ability, resources, and luck all play a part, but what seems to matter most is accountability -  commitment to goals, consistent review of progress, and a little bit of support to remind you that you're not in this alone.  Laura believes every entrepreneur deserves this, so she started the ILLUMINATE CEO Roundtable to level the playing field. 

he single greatest thing you can do for your business is to invest in yourself.  Take one day a month to TRANSFORM your business by investing in YOU!