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How to Integrate Geospatial Analytics into your Business Strategy

How to Integrate Geospatial Analytics into your Data Science and Your Business Strategy

If you’ve been working with traditional machine learning analytics or even AI it’s easy to overlook how important your customers and prospects geographic location can be.

1.  What’s the concentration of potential or actual customers around my location?

2.  How can I use geospatial analytics to identify where those locations should be?

3.  How can I tell if two locations with the same sales are actually performing equally?

4.  How can I make my marketing campaigns more effective by knowing the physical location and concentration of my customers and prospects?

5.  How can I combine traditional customer segmentation with geographic information like location or drive time to my store?

Geospatial analytics is critical to business strategy and it’s not as common in our data science work as it should be.  But it’s not that mysterious to utilize as our speaker, Carl Schroeder will explain.

Carl Schroeder is an expert in incorporating GIS data into analytics and is President of GeoStrategies a Business Intelligence company specializing in providing valuable market sizing information to its clients including T-Mobile, UGG Australia, LSG Skychefs, and Lazy Dog Restaurants among many others.

Carl will take us through the geospatial analytics of:

Customer Segment Profiling:  To identify customer segments that are most likely to purchase or that will produce the highest revenue generation potential.  This will include a look at Experian’s Mosaic segmentation schema.

Market Potential Modeling:  How to overlay and display multiple data layers to understand market opportunity showing the attractiveness of every square mile that can easily be compared between markets.  This includes overlays contrasting current market penetration with market potential and his proprietary algorithm for scoring that allows easy comparison by non-data scientists.

The date is Tuesday January 10th, 2017.  The time is the regular time: 5:30 open networking, 6:00 presentation.

About our Speaker

Carl Schroeder is President of GeoStrategies and has been involved in data analytics for over 25 years. His unique experience – a background in communications and market strategy – combined with 25 years of advancement from data citizen to data modeling guru, produce results that are useful, understandable, actionable, and appeal to data scientist and data citizen alike. His unique FlexQuad modeling provides some of the most useful way to look at geographic data visually, and make better geographic decisions.  He has been involved with geospatial analytics since the very early days of the application of the technique and has a wealth of background in its history, as well as the current state of the art.  Carl makes his home here in the Conejo Valley.