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805 Startups: How to Sell to Startups for Professionals

~$4 Billion Dollars is invested every year into Los Angeles based startups alone.

Join the 805 Startups team and our specialized guest speakers to learn business development and marketing strategies for professionals to sell to startups:

  • Hear from startup founders
  • Hear from influential startup community leaders

Learn about what makes up a startup ecosytem and how the health of that ecosystem affects your business:

  • Evaluate the different factors that contribute to startup growth and their ability to spend money on your services
  • Increased number of startups
  • Increased chance of successful startups
  • Increased amount of capital to spend on your services

Learn how to demonstrate your expertise and your value to the startup community:

  • Explore different strategies and opportunities to engage with startups
  • Build deeper, longer lasting business relationships
  • Diversify your marketing investment
  • See higher returns on that investment in both the short term and long term
  • Why Sell to Startups?
  • Startups move fast: Decisions are made in a fraction of the time a large corporation takes
  • Startups allow you to work directly with the decision makers: No commitees, no waiting on department heads
  • Startups have purchase power: Startups raise capital to spend capital on services necessary to grow rapidly
  • Startups are more loyal: If you help them grow early on, you will form a long lasting business relationship
  • Startups are more open to new solutions: You are up against less competition and not fighting against established systems

More info and RSVP HERE.