Dedicated to supporting entrepreneurs, Hub101 houses a full-service coworking space where startups can operate, collaborate and seek expert help.

Beyond the obvious assets of a wide-open, spacious area which sets up a flexible working environment, Hub101 provides coworking members with amenities to balance the fast-paced environment of the startup reality. Here, you will find bikes available to be checked out at any time; a kitchen space; community-building events such as food truck visits; fast Internet access; and so much more. 


Individual Full Access Coworking - $199 a Month

Off Hours (M-F 7-9am & 6-10pm, Sa, Su) - $99 a Month

Hub101 is a place for experimentation, discovery, and growth. Early-stage startups will find within Hub101 a community built with a backbone of entrepreneurship, fully dedicated to helping the ideas of today become the industry-defining operations of tomorrow. Hub101 thrives on creative disruption.

Startup teams who join our coworking space gain access to a variety of resources powerful in fueling growth. Hub101 ensures members have exposure to educational opportunities which provide background and practical advice on how to operate within the startup world. Hub101 is also staffed with a variety of mentors with varying backgrounds who are dedicated to seeing our coworking teams succeed.  

Hub101 is open to members 24/7, because we know your work-space should be as flexible as you.